Friday, March 11, 2016

Mother of Invention: My Daily Gratitude

Invent. Reinvent. Carve out. Sculpt. Create. 

A teacher told me recently that we need not to be afraid to reinvent ourselves as many times as necessary to satisfy our heart's song. As beautiful as that is, I think she said it better, but her words, the feeling, struck a chord deep inside of me. A note sounded and reverberated. There is a spot where this is still resonating. 

Originate. Bravery. 

I am not fearless--fearlessness is stupidity/immaturity to me--but I am brave. Brave for unapologetically listening for my heart's song, listening to it, letting my heart move me. I am a stubborn woman at times--unmovable, rigid, and yet, I've softened so much, moved, changed, blossomed, undulated forward toward my creative life. 

My heart's is singing it's song. Can you hear it?

I'm both humbled and proud. What a long journey this life is. How rich and strange. Full of wonderment and magic and blessings and beauty. The toil, and fear, and loss--well, it was all worth it to me. 

I have arrived. Gratitude.

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