Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mo' Money ≠ Mo' Problems

Horrible things I’ve said about money:
I hate money.
Fuck money.
Money’s stupid.
Stupid people care about money.
Forget money.
Who needs money?

I have ignored money. Regretted money (losing it or spending it). I have lost money, found money, spent money, and stolen money. I have I have even ripped a dollar bill in half (gasp.)

Would you come to my house if I told you that I hated you? or if I ignored you? or if I ripped you in half? (I hope not.)

It’s time to change my relationship with money.

Money is an exchange of energy. It is not good or bad, it's a tool to measure value of exchange. You made a necklace. I give you money and you give me the necklace. It took me time at work to make money; it took you time to make a necklace. We exchanged your energy with mine.

When I think of all the beautiful things that money can do, when I think of using money as an exchange of energy, I like money more. Money helps people in need, money buys water, food, shelter, travel, life. 

I welcome money into my house. But maybe I should apologize first.

Dear Money,

I’m so sorry that I’ve spent four decades ignoring you, berating you, and wishing that you didn’t exist. I was not sure that I was worthy of you and every time you came around, it made me feel sad and unloved. It's me, not you. 

I know we have had a nasty relationship in the past but I would like to work on foraging a new, healthy relationship with your help. I will do my part to make amends and rebuild your trust -- I'm working on my issues so we will never be in such a nasty place again. 

I now know that you are an exchange of energy and a wonderful tool for a life filled with possibility and freedom. I want you and need you to live the most beautiful life possible. I love you because I love myself. 

Please come to my house. Feel free to come and go with ease. You are always welcome. I will meet you with a warm embrace and the deepest gratitude.

Here’s to the next five decades of our renewed, ease, fun, happy, loving relationship.



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